Welcome to my little bit of space on the internet

Hey there! I'm looking for work! Please get in touch if you'd like me to build you something or if you want my CV.

I'm available for contract work, or can freelance to build Hybrid Phone Apps for Android and iPhone, or websites. I also build admin systems to manage the data for apps/websites, and manage the databases for this. Don't hesitate to email me any questions at!

As you can maybe tell from my homepage I enjoy making off the cuff games, if you want to collaborate on something I'd like to hear from you!

While fancying myself somewhat creative, I realise to get great things done you need to work as part of a team; so I don't design webpages, I just build them. If you have no designs, I am happy to build websites without designs, which is great for saving costs for MVPs, but if you have designs already then that's great.