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The king of all I see

As I pass by misted fields,
Admiring how the light still yields,
Me a glimmer of lonely trees,
In November, they're still full of leaves.

One stands tall, and stands alone,
The little mound, its lifelong throne,
The king of sheep, or so it seems,
Who flock about his land in teams.

I travel on and by happenstance,
Glance horses playing at romance.
Gathering 'round in twos and threes,
They care not for the trees green leaves.
For they are king of grass and hay,
penned in their field another day.

However I know as I've free thought,
That horses and trees can both be bought,
And so the king when all is said,
Is me, with credit card, in my bed.

The Sun Will Shine

Dawn leaves the land unlike how it came,
'twas slow at first, then a flicker, a flame,
And blame it not, as it leaves with no word,
for day to take over care of the herd.

The fog so often comes at this time,
And blurs our view but we refrain "we're fine".
The darkness screams that it's still there;
If we ignore it we know we might not care.

I look up and see a lone black swan swim through the sky,
how small it is up there that high,
And I to it, how small I seem...
Sometimes it helps to sleep and dream.

And so I dreamt that swan had flown on past,
And that night that would forever last,
That I lived life alone in a world with no stars nor moon,
And I would die alone in this darkness, my doom.

As sometimes nightmares can seem real,
I jolt awake from my ordeal.
See luckily for me that swan did find me,
and the light it gives I swear could blind me,
That 4 letter word that gives me my day,
I cherish more than words can say.

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